Brandon Alexander

Software professional ยท

I write software and talk about the best way to create it.

I am a full stack developer specializing in .NET. I like working with different technologies to solve real problems, developing user-centric product designs, and advocating for more inclusive and human technology environments.


Principal Software Development Engineer

Metabolon, Inc

Lead architect and developer for applications used to process mass spectroscopy data. Work with product managers, QA engineers, and designers to scope features, estimate timelines, and develop roadmaps. Mentor junior developers. Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines. Design user interfaces. Implemented MVVM and Reactive programming design patterns.

    July 2021 - Present

    App Developer/Consultant


    Private technology and management consultant for .NET teams; technical contributor; independent app developer; OSS contributor.

      March 2019 - Present

      Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer


      Member of international remote team creating cloud-based enterprise applications for the financial services industry. Maintain and provide support for large legacy applicationwith microservice architecture. Meet with clients and internal stakeholders to understand business problems and negotiate, define, and estimate technical work to be done.

      October 2019 - July 2020

      Manager & Sr. Software Engineer

      ConnectWise, Inc. (formerly ScreenConnect)

      In charge of the day to day progress of a small engineering team. Created a streamlined hiring process that tripled the size of the team. Instituted a SDLC that reduced overhead for developers; prioritized transparency and efficiency. Created automated devops processes that lowered risk and cost; increased the rate of releases. Participated in planning and design discussions. Coordinated with sales, marketing, and support departments through all parts of the SDLC. Conducted code reviews. Hands on with code.

        March 2016 - March 2019

        Software Engineer

        ConnectWise, Inc. (formerly LabTech)

        Lead developer for multiple business-priority features. Refactored and documented legacy code. Designed intuitive and efficient user interfaces. Helped implement coding standards. Coordinated with product mangement and quality assurance on the creation of new features.

          May 2013 - March 2016


          Travel Compendium
          Travel app for finding, collecting, and sharing real life experiences.
            Election Guard
            Microsoft initiative for making elections and voting more secure using cryptography.
              Renders n-dimensional hypercubes in n-dimensional space.
                Example virtual machine implementation of l3c architecture.
                  NC Campaign Finance Dashboard
                  NC Open Pass project to create a searchable database of political candidates and their contributions.
                    Music Synthesizer
                    Small application for simulating sounds and playing/visualizing MIDI sequences.